Peter Loggins

We are proud to present Peter Loggins, a honorary member in Sweden Balboa Society, as a teacher for The Revival #11!

Peter dancing with Katja who is also one of our teachers!
Photo by Eric Bobrie

Peter Winqvist Loggins  is a dance historian and musician as well as a dancer.

Peter has done hundreds of interviews the past 20 years, with the likes of ragtime dancers in NY, Charleston Champions of the 1920’s to National Champions 30’s through the 50’s, including State Champions of Swing dance. Originally known for his research of early Jazz dance in California, and the owner of the Dean Collins’s archive and collection, this brought on other donators and research that lead to other cities regional area’s of the United states.

Spending many years helping with the Savoy Ballroom and Lindy Hop researcher and Historian Terry Monaghan. Allowed the possibility of working on projects with Frankie Manning both for the Heritage foundation, in London, as well as a national grant, for the University of Idaho, in Documenting Frankie’s Choreography.

In recent years the studies have been Nineteenth century origins of jazz, from a social approach based on Lawrence Gushee’s research, with a focus on African American influenced vernacular dance.