Sweden Balboa Society have decided to cancel this year’s Revival #11.

Our board has unanimously decided to cancel The Revival #11, due to not enough registered participants. We have tried to make an adjusted smaller Revival #11 that would fit the current condition in Sweden and other countries close to Sweden. 

Unfortunately our format did not work in this dynamic moment in time. The Revival #11 have been worked on since before this summer and much has changed since then for us and for everyone that might have been interested to join us.

We still hope to see you swing-dancers on a large dance floor in a not too distant future!

The Revival

No competitions, no performances.
Pure social dancing!


The Revival #11
-Exclusive edition. 13-15 November, 2020.

Mandatory pair registration!
-Only one of you fill in the whole pair registration.

Weekend prices (per person)

The Revival #11: 3200 SEK*
Membership SBS – 2020: 100 SEK (mandatory)
Friday dinner: 125 SEK (optional)

*The Revival includes:
Accommodation (Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon)
Main meals for Saturday (breakfast, lunch & dinner) & Sunday (breakfast & lunch)
Classes on Saturday & Sunday with a total of 8 hours (two pair of teachers)
Live Music on Saturday and DJ on Friday
A maximum of 44 participants

Membership in SBS (100 SEK)
Mandatory registration with a fixed dance partner
No illness symptoms
No rotation

Accommodation (included)

A hostel room (two per room) for Friday afternoon-Sunday afternoon is included in the price for the event.
Bed sheets are included in the price for the event.
The rooms have varying standard and are given by: first come – first served.
-Request, in your application, the person you would like to share a room with.

Optional accommodation (cabin):
A whole cabin to share with one more (Fri afternoon-Sun afternoon): 1200 SEK (optional)
The cabins have a private bathroom with shower and toilet.
-There are only three cabins available.

View of the sea – at Höllviken.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are personal and cannot be cancelled. In case of illness etc You need to have your own insurance.
As of October 24 – 2020, we at Sweden Balboa Society preserve the right to cancel the event in case of too few participants or unforeseen situations. In case of cancellation a full refund will be made (except membership).

Please wait with booking a travel ticket before 24 October, 2020; or when we know that enough participants have registered for The Revival #11.

You can check to see if you have a travel insurance included in your home insurance.
Check your travel insurance’s cover in the case of illness (to you or your dance partner).


This year we will have 8 hours of classes on two levels:
– an A level and a B level (highest)

The two classes will be run in parallel and both groups will have classes with both pair of teachers (4 hours of classes with both teacher pairs).

This is a small exclusive event and the classes will be based on the level of the participants.

Unfortunately there will be no beginner’s level this year.


We have gathered the best Balboa teachers we could find!

Our returning favourites will make sure you will have some of the best Balboa classes ever!

Read more about our teachers by clicking on their name.
Peter Loggins
Katja Završnik
Gašper Hrovat
Anni Skoglund