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The Revival #11 – Sweden Balboa Society (dans.se)
Price: 2800 SEK + Membership (200 SEK)

The Revival #11 will be held between 2-6 June 2022 at the conference center Höllviksnäs in Höllviken, South of Sweden.

Main classes are on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (4-6 June). Three days instead of two!
-Monday the 6th of June is a holiday in the Nordic countries (except Finland), in France and in many States of Germany.

This year’s teachers are:
Peter Loggins & Katja Završnik
Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl
Gašper Hrovat & Anni Skoglund

There will be 11 hours of classes for each of the three different levels (A, B and C) over Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Each of these three days will be followed by social dancing, and to Live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday is at the moment a warm-up day for those that arrive early to the Revival.

Friday Shuffle Class (4h) with Peter Loggins & Katja Završnik is an optional intermediate/advance level class on Friday the 3:rd of June, between 1300-1700. It will consist of 4 intense hours focused on simple but advanced ideas that will improve your shuffle skills.
800 SEK [For those with Full Weekend-pass]
900 SEK + Membership (200 SEK) [For all others]
More info: Friday Shuffle Class

Beginners Weekend (7 h) with Anni & Gašper, on Saturday and Sunday (4-5 June), between 1400-1745 on both days.
Price: 1300 SEK + Membership (200 SEK)
More info: Beginners Weekend

Questions regarding the registration?
Email: signuprevival@gmail.com

For Swedish payments: The OCR code might differ between your acceptance mail and your registration at dans.se but either of the two OCR code will work.

For international payments: Wise.com (previously TransferWise.com) has been known to be one of the cheapest options. For Wise.com payments use the mail address: revival@swedenbalboa.se

Be sure to make the payment in SEK!

No competitions, no performances.
Pure social dancing!