Stephan Wuthe

We are produ to welcome back Stephan Wuthe as a DJ for The Revival 2019!

Stephan Wuthe is probably one of the most well known swing DJs in Germany, born and raised in Berlin. Literally living on rag fairs since the age of ten, he is passionate about swing music and culture since about more than 40 years now. He tours European festivals as a social dancer (lindy hop, balboa) and DJs from Cannes to Herräng, from London to Budapest…

Besides his unbelievable huge selection of authentic swing music, saved on original 78 rpm shellac and vinyl records, he also owns a priceless knowledge about swing history thanks to the friendship to late musicians, dancers and singers of the swing era.

Not enough enjoying him live, you can take him home in one of his innumerable swing music samplers or his recently released book Swingtime in Deutschland (Transit 2012, in German).