This year we have some of the absolute best Balboa teachers teaching classes on four levels. Read about the teachers over at the tab Teachers.
There are three levels to sign up for, the fourth and highest level will be picked at an audition. The teachers will be doing a level check in all levels so the groups will be as even as possible to ensure a better event for everyone.

In total there will be about 10 hours of classes. About 8 will be distinct level classes and about 2 hours will be elective classes (open for all).

To choose your level for the workshop please read the descriptions carefully. The Revival does not offer beginners’ classes.

Beginners **new**
Your new to balboa and just starting out your journey in Balboa. 
Perhaps this is your first encounter with the wonderfull world of Balboa or it was a long time since you last danced. 

A (low)
You should already understand the Balboa “hold” basic, and the “down hold” basic. You feel you have a good groove but you need some tools to get better.

You can do both Balboa and Bal-Swing. Tempos don’t scare you, you like a challenge.

You eat all tempos up and can dance to all types of music. You just want to sharpen your craft. This group will be split into two, and perhaps three if needed. An audtion will be held for this level, to balance the group. 

Academy of Balboa & Balboa Shuffle

In addition to our main camp, on Friday there will be an Academy of Balboa with Sylvia Sykes. This is a teachers class that will focus on how to teach Balboa.

For all you non-teachers there will be a class in Balboa Shuffle as well, with Katja & Peter. This course is on C-level (high).

These two classes are not included in the main-camp fee. However this year we will be doing a discount deluxe-pass that will include the classes on Friday as well as the main camp. Read more under Prices & Registration.

Beginners class

Are you new to Balboa? Don’t worry. We got you covered. This year we are extremely glad to be able to present a beginners track. This track will be held by Anni & Gašper. In a total of approx. 5-6 hours of classes.
We will start you off with a crash course (~1-2 h) on Friday evening, so you can join in on the Friday night party, with The Revival all Star live on stage! On Saturday your journey will continue with classes during the morning and afternoon (~3-4 h). On Saturday evening you’ll broaden your knowledge with one of our elective classes (~1,5h). The night will then continue with our big dance night and you’ll be shuffling away to the awesome Kind of Dukish.
And we’ll end the weekend on a farewell party on Sunday, with The Revival all Star live on stage again.

Elective classes

We have some awesome elective classes for you, both on Friday and Saturday. These are shorter classes (1-2 h), that tackles a certain topic of Balboa dancing or general dancing ideas. These classes are open for levels A-C. If you’re taking the beginners track, you can join in on Saturday evening.