Please read the descriptions below carefully.

The first 20 registrations will get an early bird price for the Full Weekend Pass, 1690 SEK, 200 SEK discount. All the early birds-ticket are sold out.

Full Weekend Pass
A Full Weekend Pass gives access to a total of 10 hours of balboa classes during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening parties.

Full Weekend Pass: 1890 SEK  (≈ 173 EUR)

Party Pass
A Party Pass gives access to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening parties.

Party Pass: 650 SEK  (≈ 59 EUR)

Single night tickets
Thursday 100 SEK
Friday 250 SEK
Saturday 350 SEK
Sunday 100 SEK

Collegiate Shag
Friday 23 November
This workshop is not included in Full Weekend Pass.
Price: 980 SEK (≈89 Euro)
Workshop + Friday Night Party 1130 SEK (≈103 Euro)

Academy of Balboa
How to teach
Friday 23 November
This workshop is not included in Full Weekend Pass.
Price: 980 SEK (≈89 Euro)

We have different options if you like to sleep at the camp. You can choose different options of accommodation of your stay. It’s a price worthy standard room/villa/cottage to share. There are of course limited rooms and cottages available, but there should be beds for all participants at the camp. Breakfast are included in all accommodations.

  • Single room, 900 SEK/night including breakfast. Just a few rooms available. Sold out!
  • Double room, 500 SEK/night/person, including breakfast. Sold out!
  • Tripple room, 2 beds and a sofa bed, 390 SEK/night/person, including breakfast. Tripple room can be booked as a double room, 585 SEK/night/person.
  • Villa with 2 double rooms and a sofa bed and a kitchen, 430 SEK/night/person, including breakfast. 
  • Cottage, single room (hostel standard), 550 SEK/night, including breakfast. Sold out!
  • Cottage, (hostel standard) with 4 tripple bed rooms  and a small kitchen, 350 SEK/person/night, including breakfast. 

Write in the registration form if you have someone you want to share a room with.

You can order separate meals or our package deals, which of course will save you money!

  • Duke – All meals, lunch Saturday and Sunday, dinner buffet Friday and Sunday, and festive dinner buffet on Saturday, 595 SEK.
  • Ella – Lunch Saturday and Sunday, Dinner buffet at Friday and Saturday, 490 SEK.
  • Artie – Lunch Saturday and Sunday, Dinner buffet at Saturday and Sunday, 490 SEK.
  • Billie – Lunch Saturday and Sunday, Dinner buffet at Saturday, 385 SEK.

Separate prices:

  • Lunch, 100 SEK.
  • Dinner buffet, 150 SEK.
  • Saturday festive dinner buffet, 275 SEK.

Waiting List, Acceptance, and Payment
We will strive to balance the number of leads and follows for both the Full Weekend Passes and Party Passes. Hence, all bookings will initially be placed on a waiting list. You will be accepted only when there is a matching lead/follow waiting.

You can bypass the waiting list by signing up as a couple (one lead and one follow). You do not have to have the same dancing abilities to sign up as a couple, but you must sign up for the same ticket type (Full Weekend/Party Pass). A person who signed up alone and was already accepted cannot partner up with somebody later on. An accepted lead/follow whose partner has cancelled his/her booking is not allowed to bring in another follow/lead.

Once accepted, you will receive an email indicating your final ticket price, together with detailed payment instructions. The payment should be done in SEK (Swedish krona), within 10 days after acceptance. These payment options are available:

Swedish Bankgiro (also possible via

International Bank Transfer (also possible via

In the absence of payment, we may delete your booking.

Ticket Cancellation and Transfer Policy
All bookings are personal and cannot be transfered without prior approval of the Revival Committee.

Up until August 31, you may cancel your ticket for any reason, but we will keep 20% of the ticket price as an administrative fee. From September 1, no cancellations are possible.

From September 1 until October 14, you may request to transfer your ticket by contacting the Revival Committee. If there is a waiting list for your specific ticket type (Lead/Follow, Full Weekend Pass/Party Pass), you must transfer your ticket to the first person on the waiting list. Otherwise, you must yourself recruit somebody to sign up for your ticket. We will charge 20% of the ticket price as an administrative fee. From October 15, no ticket cancellations or transfers are possible.

Food and Accomomodation may be cancelled until October 14, without any administrative fee. From October 15, no cancellations or transfers are possible.