The Revival is about bringing back a time when people went out social dancing and enjoyed the company of others with the same appreciation in music.

We invite everyone to come enjoy our ideas about music and dancing. The classes focus on the original Balboa, Bal-Swing, in addition to other Jazz era social dances. The evening parties all feature live music and offer a lot of social dancing time.

We moved outside Malmö so you can dance, eat and sleep at the same place.

Welcome to The Revival 2019!
Registration is open!


No competitions, no performances. Pure social dancing!


The Revival has moved to Falsterbo Kursgård in Höllviken 20 km south of Malmö. Here you can dance, eat and sleep at the same place.

It’s easy to get here. From Copenhagen Airport you take the train to Malmö/Hyllie and the a bus that stops right outside the camp.

From Malmö Airport you take a bus to Malmö Centralstation and the a bus that stops right outside the camp.

The total travel time from Copenhagen Airport is 53 minutes; from Malmö Central Station it is 36 minutes, and from Malmö Hyllie it is 22 minutes.


Registration is open!

Registration links

To register for our event click on the following links.

The Revival 2019

The Revival Beginners class with Gašper & Anni (registration opens 28/7 at 12:00)

Friday Academy of Balboa with Sylvia Sykes

Friday Shuffle with Katja & Peter

If you sign up for both The Revival and one of the Friday-classes we will give you a discount on the Friday class (see price information down below). Do note that you can only register for either Academy of Balboa or Friday Shuffle, they run parallel and you cannot attend both.

Course & Party prices

The Revival Weekend pass*: 2 100 SEK
Academy of Balboa (teachers track on Friday)**: 1 000 SEK
Friday Shuffle**: 800 SEK
Academy of Balboa + The Revival weekend**: 2 950 SEK
Friday shuffle + The Revival weekend**: 2 650 SEK
Party Pass (Thu-Sun): 650 SEK

Beginners class pass: 950 SEK
This includes full party pass, beginners crash course on Friday, and beginners class on Saturday. And you’re welcome to join the elective classes on Saturday. Ticket release on the 28th of July! We will do a lottery so you’ll have one week to sign-up, with an equal chance to be accepted (more info regarding the lottery down-bellow).

Single night entrance
Thursday party: 100 SEK
Friday party: 250 SEK
Saturday party: 350 SEK
Sunday party: 150 SEK

*The Revival Weekend pass includes all parties Thursday-Sunday. All elective classes and the weekend classes on Saturday & Sunday. A total of approx. 10 hours.
** Academy of Balboa and Friday Shuffle classes are separate from The Revival weekend, approx. 5 hours. They take place in the same place as The Revival and classes will start after lunch at 13:00. If you sign up for both The Revival and a Friday class, we will give you a discount on the Friday classes. Do note that Academy of Balboa and Friday Shuffle will run parallel and you can not sign up for both. Friday Shuffle will be on level C (high).

Accommodation & food

All accommodation includes breakfast.

Accommodation at the venue
Hotel double bed: 1 200 SEK/night (600 SEK/person)*
Hotel single bed: 1 000 SEK/night
Hotel triple bed: 1 350 SEK/night (450 SEK/person)*
Villa: 475 SEK/person & night**
Hostel single bed (private room): 550 SEK/night
Hostel (shared room): 385 SEK/night

*When signing up for hotel double/triple bed, on registration you will be able to specify who you want to share the room with. Both need to sign up for the hotel and specify the other person. The cost will be split between the ones sharing the room
**Villas have a small kitchen and one bathroom/villa. Villas have at least 4 beds. If you do not specify who you want to share with, you will be placed on random in a villa with a bed to spare. If you are not 4 in a villa do take into account that you may need to share with someone else.

Accommodation at EFS Höllviksstrand (a short walk from the venue)
Includes breakfast at Kursgården (main camp).

Hostel (shared room in a cottage*): 362 SEK/night
*2-4 beds/room, it is possible to request a person you would like to share a room with. We will do our best to make it happen. However, as the beds per cottage differs we cannot guarantee it.

Food packages
Food package 1, “Billie”: 385 SEK
includes lunch Saturday & Sunday, dinner Saturday.

Food package 2.1 “Artie”: 490 SEK
includes lunch Saturday & Sunday, dinner Saturday & Sunday

Food package 2.2 “Ella”: 490 SEK
includes lunch Saturday & Sunday, dinner Friday & Saturday

Food package 3, “Duke”: 595 SEK
includes lunch Saturday & Sunday, dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Food, individual meals
Lunch: 89 SEK
Dinner: 130 SEK
Dinner Saturday (a tad fancier): 275 SEK
Lunch will be available on Friday as well, price not set yet, will be paid individually and not included in the food packages.

Registration lottery, beginners class

In previous years we have experienced a big pressure on registration just as registration has opened. We are of course very happy to see such a big interest

However, we would like to take away some of the pressure of signing up just as registration opens just to avoid ending up on the waiting list. We don’t want your registration to be dependent on you being at the computer at precisly at 12:00 on the 28th of July.

We also want you to be able to take your time filling in the registration without the stress of trying to be first in line.

This is why we will make a “Registration lottery” for everyone signing up during the first week, from 12:00 (that’s noon) on Sunday the 28th of July until 12:00 (that’s noon) on Sunday the 4th of August. Everyone who signs up during this time will have an equal chance of being accepted to the workshop. Those who we cannot be accepted immediately, due to follower/lead inbalance, will be assigned a random number in the waiting list.

Anyone signing up after 12:00 (still noon) on Sunday the 4th of August will be accepted/placed on the waiting list in a regular manner.